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Mr. Timothy L. Sellers
Wyoming Claim Umpires

Mr. Timothy L. Sellers
Golden Hammer
2210 Lake Shore Blvd
Jacksonville , FL 32210
Phone: (904) 545-9005 • Facsimile:
Email Address:
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Years experience in insurance industry:

Insurance Company: Law Firm (Plaintiff):
Public Adjuster: Law Firm (Defense):
Independent Adjuster:2 Other:40 years as insurance restoration roofing and general contractor

Insureance restoration general and roofing contractore

Experience in insurance appraisals:

Estimated Number of Appraisals Performed:   Percentage of Appraisals acting as the Umpire:
Percentage of Appraisals representing the Policyholder as an Appraiser:100 % Percentage of Appraisals representing the Insurance Company:
Percentage of Appraisals acting as an Appraiser:

Resume Highlights:
Over 40 years of restoration with Millions of dollars negotiated with Insurance co. 21 years experience as a independent adjuster

Educational degrees / certifications:
Over 40 years of experience in negotiating with insurance companies and adjusters has given me an edge on dealing a fair and equitable settlement. And that is the reason that we need to have the appraisal service and need fair umpires to get it settled and close the file.