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... Brian C. Moye
Kansas Claim Umpires

... Brian C. Moye
Moye Construction, Inc.
15275 Collier Blvd., Suite 201, PM
Naples, FL 34119
Phone: (239) 877-7090 • Facsimile: (239) 225-9010
Email Address:
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Years experience in insurance industry:

Insurance Company:13+ Law Firm (Plaintiff):
Public Adjuster: Law Firm (Defense):
Independent Adjuster: Other:Professional Consultant: 2 yrs. Umpire: 3 yrs

State Certified Building Contractor/ Professional Consultant/Umpire

Experience in insurance appraisals:

Estimated Number of Appraisals Performed:109   Percentage of Appraisals acting as the Umpire:66 %
Percentage of Appraisals representing the Policyholder as an Appraiser: Percentage of Appraisals representing the Insurance Company:18 %
Percentage of Appraisals acting as an Appraiser:

Resume Highlights:
With over 13 years of experience as an insurance staff adjuster. combined with
6 years as a builder, I know what it takes to get the job done, as well as what it
takes to get a better settlement. Mr. Moye is an active participant as an expert
witness for plaintiff and defense attorneys and insurance mediations. He is able
to see both sides as an Umpire and comes to a fair solution for all parties

Educational degrees / certifications:
B.S. Degree, University of Florida, Building Contractor, 1990