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Mr. Bret Alan Ashworth
Wyoming Umpires

Mr. Bret  Alan  Ashworth
A 1 Professional Home Services
12445 East 39th 210
Denver, CO 80239
Phone: (361) 739-3762 • Facsimile: (303) 371-1971
Email Address:
Web Site:
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Years experience in insurance industry:

Insurance Company: Law Firm (Plaintiff):
Public Adjuster:2 Law Firm (Defense):
Independent Adjuster:5 Other:15

public adjuster

Experience in insurance appraisals:

Estimated Number of Appraisals Performed:0   Percentage of Appraisals acting as the Umpire:20 %
Percentage of Appraisals representing the Policyholder as an Appraiser:35 % Percentage of Appraisals representing the Insurance Company:0 %
Percentage of Appraisals acting as an Appraiser:30 %

Resume Highlights:
Im FEMA certified ran my own insurance restoration business over 15 yrs in Austin Texas have worked every major hurricane and over 10 hail storms in the last 10 yrs since leaving my business to become a full time adjuster

just got my PA license 2 yrs ago to help people to make sure everybody is treated fair including the insurance companies Im fair and impartial ,Ill be the best umpire I can be and hear both sides and let the information decide the answer for me

Educational degrees / certifications:
Professional Qualification Profile

Bret A. Ashworth :
Texas All Lines Adjuster # 1715429
Public Adjuster
Texas # 1819579
Colorado # 453175
Georgia # 2964464
Oklahoma # 100162448
New Jersey # 1521517

My name is Bret Ashworth I am a licensed Texas Adjuster and a Texas Public Adjuster with over 20 yrs experience in the Insurance –Loss Risk and Restoration Business . I was Born in Houston Texas and went to Sam Houston high school graduated went to work in the parts and service industry and stayed in that industry over 15 yrs then got into the insurance restoration field. I ran my own water damage restoration company over 15 yrs , doing complete rebuilds or remodels or whatever was needed for the project I have traveled all over the United States working almost every major hurricane to strike the gulf coast including several hail storms and tornado claims around the country . I am helping people in Colorado, Texas & Georgia today as a Public Adjuster for homeowners and commercial clients. I am now in Denver Colorado working doing loss risk assessments and wind damage inspections for commercial & residential property clients from the recent hail storms that just occurred there . If I can help you in anyway please free to contact me for a free assessment of your storm or insurance related issues . I was a general building superintendent in Corpus Christi while still doing claim assesements for Fox home builders and then later worked for Lawrence Brothers Construction until they moved and no longer did projects there .
Thank you
Bret Ashworth